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AGC strives to provide industry-leading efficiencies while maximizing production. AGC cares about the industry’s progression and works hard to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Through careful monitoring, our team assists customers during every phase of production to guarantee profitable and legal results.


Julian Jess

Founder/Cultivation Specialist 


Jessica Reedy

Chemist/Lab Expert

Julian has 10+ years of cultivation experience.  Familiar with everything from organic soil mediums to advanced hydroponic systems.  From personal grows to commercial facilities.  

Jessica has 10+ years of laboratory experience.  She is an expert in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Extensive experience with concentrates and concentrate testing. 


AGC's Industry Vision


AGC maintains marijuana grow experts focused on maximizing production. Our team is cognizant of our customers’ space, time, and money. Founded in Colorado by Julian Jess, AGC provides experienced guidance in all aspects of marijuana cultivation.

The AGC team carries several years of commercial grow warehouse and consulting experience from basement and garage, to commercial set-ups. Furthermore, our team is equipped with soil and hydro expertise in several different designs to satisfy even the most unique customer needs.

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