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Cherokee Warehouse

AGC was brought in to manage personal, improve production, and increase overall efficiency.  This facility was 10,000 Sq. Ft. with 7 flower rooms and 4 veg rooms.  Production went from an average of 1.5LBs per 1000watts to 2.75LBs per 1000watts.  Quality and personal efficiency went up.


Acoma Warehouse

AGC managed and directed cultivation at this facility for several years.  Costs were kept low as production and quality increased.  Genetic breeding projects were done producing some of AGCs trademark strains Genghis Chron, Berry White, and Dynamite Kush.  


Lion's Den

AGC designed and help construct this grow facility from the ground up.  Worked closely with the client throughout the entire process and continued their involvement for a years worth of production. Standard operating procedures were written for each specific room.  


The Igloo

AGC was brought in to eliminate spider mites and powdery mildew. New genetics were introduced. Current grower was taught best practices for new genetics and standard operating procedures were instated to ensure proper cultivation.  


Hemp Farm

Advanced Grow Consultants has partnered with a family farm in Eastern Iowa to help with cultivation. AGC brought a decade of cannabis experience to the industrial hemp farm. Using organic cultivation practices AGC helped us grow beautiful eastern Iowa hemp plants. 


New Genetics

AGC has been breeding new genetics for several years.  Some custom strains like Genghis Chron, Dynamite Kush, Barry White, J1, Fire Berry, etc!  

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